Cebu city is the oldest city in the Philippines. It is dubbed to be the “queen city of the south” with very rich cultural heritages and interesting traditions. Spanish culture and tradition have become the influence to the majority of the Cebuano culture and beliefs. Spanish influence is also evident to the palatable cuisine Cebuanos serve, and the style of traditional costumes and festivities are undeniably presented.

Cebu is known to be very rich in historical and archaic churches, museums, and tourist spots. Cultural heritage sites are found mostly in downtown Cebu and few in Southern and Northern part. To name some of the famous tourist spots in the downtown area are the Fort San Pedro, Magellan’s Cross, Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Cathedral Museum of Cebu, Colon Street, Heritage of Cebu Monument, Taoist Temple, and Casa Gorordo Museum. Southern and northern part of Cebu city are widely known for its famous beaches and waterfalls where any tourist would love to keep coming back for its long-stretched white sand blue water beaches and heavy streaming falls.

Another famous landmark of Cebu where most tourists go for a perfect tropical experience is the Mactan Island. It is located a few kilometers from Cebu City. Mactan island itself is a paradise because it is already a perfect place for those who are in search for a 5-star resorts and hotels with beautiful beach front bungalows. The place is considered as the tourist tropical living haven in the Philippines. Island hopping adventure cannot be listed away from the itinerary when visiting Mactan. It becomes the mainstream activity of tourists since the Mactan island itself is surrounded with nearby islets with lots of marine sanctuaries to snorkel and dive in.

Since Cebu is an expanding favorite destination of tourists, when it comes to transportation, the high industrialized province doesn’t only cater jeepneys, pedicabs, and taxis but also with highly trusted private transportation rental services as well. For tourists, private transportations are a big assist because it doesn’t only drive them to and from one place to another, but also assists them with their itineraries and books them to their desired destination. Surely there are many transport services lining up for a tourist to book but one of the trusted transport services a lot of people know of is the Amadora transportation services. Amadora is purely a favorite service to a lot of both local and foreign tourists due to its chauffeurs ability to anticipate client’s needs and its swift respond of its reservations officers. It is high commendable and recommendable tourist transportation services in Cebu where a tourist would surely trust their tour travel.

Cebu city has so much to offer not just its tourist spots and its people but is also popular for its good variety of food that will make you scream “Lami kayo!” (very tasty). Some of the tourist’s favorites are Cebuano barbeque (skewed) and seafood that are grilled, stewed, and some are eaten in raw dipped in vinegar and some herbs (Sugba, Tinuwa, and Kinilaw), and of course the tasty Cebu’s lechon. Many could tell that the most tasty and crispiest lechon is found in Cebu, and indeed it is incontestable. When it comes to tropical fruit, mangoes and dried mangoes are divine for foreign tourists. Dried danggit, chicharon, torta, otaps, and rosquillos on the other hand are a few of irresistible delicacies for local tourists to bring some back at home.

Cebu city is definitely a place that has a lot to offer, a sure anyone wants to put the place on its bucket list, and anyone that would scream in their minds out while standing for the last time in Mactan International airport while boarding back at home “Daghang Salamat, Cebu!”