About Us The Queen City of the South is widely known to be one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines. With the rich tropical atmosphere, unique food, and beautiful destinations, Cebu has a lot to offer for tourists and adventurers. With Amadora Transport rental and quality services, traveling has never been this easy. Amadora transport services is equipped with high standard vehicles and fast accommodating services. It gives you the most convenient tour around the whole city. Get in touch with the professional experience of the Amadora’s reservation team that cater efficiency and assist the client’s ideal and particular tour travel in full anticipation. The Amadora’s well acquainted service drivers take you safely from the hilly countryside down to the relaxed atmosphere of the blue waters of the tropical paradise. Your safety and your comfortability is our outmost desire.


To provide the most outstanding quality transportation tour service with premium Cebuano hospitality culture and memorable experience.


We intend to provide our clients with the best travel experience to remember.


The Amadora’s are no stranger to transport business and services. During the 1980’s, the late Mr. and Mrs. Boy Amadora started a passenger bus service called the “Amadora Liner” which caters commuters from the southern part of Cebu. Now, due to the increasing amount of tourists in one of the most visited destinations of the Philippines, transportation service is a vital role. This made the children of the late Boy Amadora to produce the service that is improved as well as to continue the reason why they had these kinds of services in the first place- to be amiable and cordial to all visitors who visit Cebu.



Hi! I want to write how fantastic your service was during our family outing. I couldn’t imagine how other transport services could arrange such random errands and quick anticipation but with you. Everything went so smooth and commendable. I would definitely recommend your service. Till next time.
Kate Salvador, 27 (Cebu)
The transport motto in this site truly speaks for its services. As a tourist who’s new to Cebu would love to keep coming back because Amadora doesn’t only give me an exceptional service, but the hospitality of Cebuanos are undeniably felt. And not just that, I love how clean and comfortable our ride was for the entire day. Aaargggh! How I wish we could stay longer than our planned trip and itineraries with Amadora. They simply put up a great service plus a funny yet professional driver! 😀
Alfer Schwartz, 38 (France)
From the airport to the places we’ve been was unforgettable. The driver was knowledgeable and could easily gets instructions coming from my noisy friends. Haha! Would love to book with you again next year and this time with my Cebuana fiancé and soon to be my wife together with my family and closest friends. Your service will definitely be part of my once in a lifetime event. Kudos to the team behind!
Jude Ramos, 32 (Paranaque)